Lac Justone Outfitter – The Best Outfitter on the Caniapiscau

Why Choose an Outfitter for Your Next Fishing Trip? 

First introduced in Quebec in the late 19th century, outfitters are characterized by vast natural spaces, rivers and forests as far as the eye can see.  Looking for the great outdoors for your next vacation with family or friends? Don’t hesitate, an outfitter is the best option for your next fishing trip! 

Why Choose Lac Justone for Your Next Fishing Trip?

At Lac Justone Outfitter, we do everything in our power to ensure you have an exceptional experience in the Great North. Located on the tributaries of the Caniapiscau River, Lac Justone Outfitter is perfect for fish lovers and fishing enthusiasts. The diversity of fish present in our waters guarantees you many beautiful surprises at the end of your line! 

For Sporty and Responsible Fishing, Choose Lac Justone Outfitter!

What types of fish can be found in the Caniapiscau River? 

Whether you are looking for a quiet fishing trip or you are a fishing fanatic, Lac Justone Outfitter on the Caniapiscau River offers a variety of fish species that will delight all fishermen. Here is a small guide on the species of fish that can be caught on our territory. 

Landlocked Salmon

The landlocked salmon is a freshwater salmon that can exceed 10 pounds. It is a salmonid with orange flesh that cohabits with speckled trout. Known for its tasty flesh, landlocked salmon are also highly sought after by fishermen looking for spectacular fights and jumps. 

When to Fish Landlocked Salmon

The best time to fish for landlocked salmon is between May and June. However, for unknown reasons, a large increase in catches throughout the fishing season has been noticed in recent years. Prioritize river trips at your fishing area to increase your chances of catching landlocked salmon. 

An outfitter’s word of advice! 

This species of fish feeds mainly on smaller fish. A little advice, observe the water in which you fish, the insects present near the streams and ask questions to other fishermen. Use artificial baits that mimic the species in the area. 

Speckled Trout

A fierce fighter, the speckled trout or red trout from Quebec is one of the most sought-after species by sports fishermen. Very combative, the speckled trout can put up great battles! Moreover, as this species quickly develops, it can reach up to 7 pounds!

Lake Trout

Are you a big fish lover? Are you looking for the next picture that will impress all your friends? The lake trout is a golden opportunity for sport fishing enthusiasts! This species is known for its fighting spirit and delicious meat, but especially for its impressive size, which can reach up to 30 pounds! Don’t be too quick to celebrate, the lake trout is known for its strength and exceptional resistance. Catching it is an excellent challenge for any fisherman with the courage to tackle it! 

Northern Pike

The northern pike is a fish often considered as a freshwater shark because of its aggressivity towards other marine species. The appearance of northern pikes found in the Caniapiscau River differs slightly from pikes found elsewhere in Quebec. It is common to have catches of more than 10 lb for this species, we even saw catches that exceeded 20 lb! If you are an amateur of pike, you will appreciate tasting one of their delicious fish filets.  

Why practice catch and release during your fishing trip on the Caniapiscau? 

Lac Justone Outfitter on the Caniapiscau River is known for the quality of fishing in the area. By practicing catch and release, you contribute to ensuring that your exceptional fishing experience will be offered for many years to come! Of course, it is possible to keep a few fish to enjoy a good meal, which makes the experience even more special. 

How do I release my fish safely? 

The practice of catch and release is not without risk to the survival of the fish. Here are some tips for a healthy catch and release: 

  • Avoid fishing unnecessarily deep;
  • Avoid catch-and-release when the water is too warm;
  • Avoid touching the fish’s eyes or gills;
  • Keep the fish in the water during handling;
  • Handle the fish gently and for the shortest time possible;
  • Remove the hook carefully or cut it off if it is too deeply inserted.
  • Keep the fight as short as possible; 
  • Use artificial flies with single hooks for landlocked salmon and speckled trout;
  • Use a small mesh net without knots.

Where to Find Us

Facolli Falls is our main camp. You will find below the latitude and longitude of this camp. 

53.269735, -68.304623

What packages are offered?

A 5 day/5-night European plan package (without guide or meals) is $2,295 per person plus taxes. A deposit is required to secure your group’s reservation. This price is subject to change without notice unless a deposit has been received (also see our Booking and Cancellation policy). Our sites can accommodate groups of 4 people at Hasté and Trophy Lakes, and 6 people at Facolli Falls. It is possible to extend your stay and/or add services (guide, meals, etc.) to your package if you wish.