Our Fishing Trips

Enjoy an exceptional fishing experience at one of our three sites located on tributaries of the world-renowned Caniapiscau River, recognized for its wilderness and large speckled trout, lake trout, northern pike and native salmon.

>> American Plan at Facolli Fall <<


  • The cost of a 5 days/5 nights package on a European plan (no guide, no meals) is $2,295 per person, plus applicable sales taxes. A deposit is required to secure your group’s booking. This price is subject to change without prior notice unless a deposit has been received (also see Booking and Cancellation Policy).
  • Our sites can accommodate groups of 4 or 6 people (at Facolli Fall).
  • We will be happy to extend your stay and/or provide additional services (guide, meals, etc.) if you wish. To make a booking or request additional information,

Sustainable Fishing

We mandate fly fishing only in fast water sections and catch-and-release of all but a few fish for a special meal while on site. Fly fishing is the most productive, sporting and exhilarating way to connect with brook trout and salmon. Your co-operation will help ensure that this special trout and salmon fishery remains at an outstanding high level for years to come! Click here to learn more about catch-and-release.

Outline of your Fishing Trip

Our base of operations is the town of Fermont in Northern Quebec which is accessible by road via highway 389. The town is also reachable via commercial flights to the airport of Wabush (YWK) located 20 miles/33 kms from Fermont. We recommend a flex fare in case of a weather delay on the return floatplane trip. Click here to learn more about a typical schedule for your fishing trip.

This type of fishing trip requires at least one experienced person per group. You will stay in a cabin with all of the comforts of home and will have reliable outboard motor boats at your disposal, but it is self-guided (unless you have added the services of a guide to your package). These are very large lakes interspersed with medium flowing rapids that must be navigated with care.

Equipment and Installations

Upon your arrival onsite, an information session will be held to familiarize you with the equipment and facilities. At Facolli Fall, a camp attendant will be able to answer all of your questions during your stay.

  • Aluminum boats 14 and 16 feet long, with outboard motors of 9.9 to 20 horsepower
  • Gasoline and mixing oil (use only in two-stroke engines)
  • Buoyancy vest, oars and fish nets for catch-and-release
  • Laminated topographic maps of the territory
  • Lodges (permanent structures) offering a comfortable warm and dry stay
  • 4-burner propane stove with oven
  • Fridge with freezer section
  • Electricity (generator/solar panels/wind turbine)
  • Running water and propane water heater
  • Toilet(s) and hot shower(s)
  • Bunk beds, mattresses, mattress covers and pillows (bring your sleeping bags)
  • Wood stove with ample supply of cut wood
  • Propane barbecue (outside)
  • Satellite phone for emergencies

Important : Be advised that you will be liable for the cost of any equipment repair or replacement that is due to neglect or irresponsible behavior.

What you should bring

Here’s a sample list of items that you should bring with you on the fishing trip:

  • Fishing gear, appropriate clothing and sleeping bag
  • Medications and personal items
  • Transportation from your place of departure to Fermont as well as the return
  • Accommodation in Fermont if required
  • Food and beverages to be consumed during your trip
  • Bug spray and/or other types of mosquito repellents
  • Quebec fishing license (can be purchased on arrival)