Exceptional landlocked salmon fishing at Facolli


We have openings for an exceptional landlocked salmon fishing period in June, which is highly coveted and normally never available because it is booked several years ahead!!

Hurry if you want to take this opportunity for a unique fishing experience. We are offering our American plan at Facolli for only three groups of 4 people (5 night stays) from mid-June. The cost is $2,495 plus taxes per person. Contact us through our website at http://lacjustone.com/en/info-request/ for all the details and to book your group now.

Our 2021 fishing season is opening soon!

With the Covid-19 vaccination campaigns continuing to reach new heights, the pandemic is increasingly under control and summer activities appear to be on track to unfold almost as normal this summer. At the Lac Justone Outfitter, we are always on the lookout for advice from Quebec and Canada regarding the pandemic and health measures.

We already have several bookings for our three fishing sites and regularly receive requests for information from fishermen who have been fishing with us in the past or who are looking to have this unique experience for the first time.

We still have a few slots available, mostly in the month of July. Please contact us for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you soon! 🙂