Lac Justone Newsletter 2022-01

Hello and welcome to this first edition of the Lac Justone Outfitter’s Newsletter.

Let me begin by wishing you Health, Happiness and Prosperity for this New Year 2022!

I know it may be a little difficult to think about summer fishing in January when it’s bitterly cold out there, but we are only a few months away from spring and summer 😊. In this first edition, I would like to share our business model and introduce our facilities, especially for those who may not be existing customers.

Our Mission: the Quality of the Fishing Experience

In order to preserve trophy-size fish for future generations to enjoy (and for your next fishing trip), fly fishing and catch-and-release are mandatory in rapids, except for a few fish to be eaten during your trip.

We also actively manage the fishing pressure on our territory by limiting the number of groups at each site during the season and leaving gaps between groups. We are therefore not trying to maximize the number of anglers but rather aim for a limited number of customers who will all (hopefully) have a memorable fishing experience.

Our Facilities

Our three fishing sites, Facolli FallTrophy Lake and HastĂ© Lake, are located on tributaries of the Caniapiscau River, world famous for its wild territory and its large catches of speckled trout, native salmon (ouananiche), northern pike and lake trout (bull trout).

The Trophy Lake and Hasté Lake sites can each accommodate groups of 4 self-sufficient anglers with the ability to navigate waterways in 14-foot outboard boats. Especially at Trophy Lake, you also have to negotiate medium-speed rapids if you want to fully enjoy the territory, but it is easy to do so in a safe manner (training will be given to you upon arrival). At these two locations, there is no staff on site but a satellite phone will allow you to reach the outfitter if required. You will have to bring your own food and prepare your meals. The camps are equipped with an electric power source, full kitchen, running water, hot water shower, dry toilet, and wood stove.

Facolli Fall, our third site, offers a more luxurious welcome to groups of 6 people. A camp attendant is on hand throughout your stay to answer your questions and resolve any issues that may arise. You will enjoy a large guest lounge, dining room, full kitchen, three secondary camps each sleeping two or more people, toilets with running water, and even wireless Internet access! A housekeeper also takes care of cleaning the premises every day. In the basic package, customers must bring their own food and prepare their meals. Fishing trips are also self-guided, the same as Trophy Lake and HastĂ© Lake. However, it’s possible to add meals and the services of a guide to your Facolli Fall package.

Treat yourself, it’s about time

If you want a unique experience at Lac Justone Outfitters this summer, now is the time to book. There is still some availability for groups at each of our three sites but don’t delay!

Best regards,
François Jinchereau

Flashback to 1986

François Jinchereau, co-owner of Lac Justone Outfitter, has been around this amazing landscape near Fermont, Quebec for many years! Here’s a photo of him dating back to 1986, with 75 marten furs strung over his ultralight plane on floats/skis used to move around his trapping line.

Archeological find at Facolli Fall

If you have been on a fishing trip at Facolli Fall in the past, you certainly know Jean-Louis as he’s always on site helping customers and managing the facilities. What you probably didn’t know about him is that Jean-Louis found a pretty amazing artifact while working on the 4-wheelers trail many years ago.
The article is only available in French but click on English translation to see Google Translate’s work.

Thank you for a great 2021 fishing season

We would like to thank all of our clients for the 2021 fishing season, at Facolli Fall, Trophy Lake and Hasté. Large catches were numerous and the catch-and-release practice will allow us to continue to offer you memorable fishing experiences next season and in the years to come.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again next summer,

Exceptional landlocked salmon fishing at Facolli


We have openings for an exceptional landlocked salmon fishing period in June, which is highly coveted and normally never available because it is booked several years ahead!!

Hurry if you want to take this opportunity for a unique fishing experience. We are offering our American plan at Facolli for only three groups of 4 people (5 night stays) from mid-June. The cost is $2,495 plus taxes per person. Contact us through our website at for all the details and to book your group now.

Our 2021 fishing season is opening soon!

With the Covid-19 vaccination campaigns continuing to reach new heights, the pandemic is increasingly under control and summer activities appear to be on track to unfold almost as normal this summer. At the Lac Justone Outfitter, we are always on the lookout for advice from Quebec and Canada regarding the pandemic and health measures.

We already have several bookings for our three fishing sites and regularly receive requests for information from fishermen who have been fishing with us in the past or who are looking to have this unique experience for the first time.

We still have a few slots available, mostly in the month of July. Please contact us for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you soon! 🙂

A fishing environment worth preserving!

During the summer of 2019 (pre Covid-19), a group of avid fly fishermen who are repeat clients at Facolli Fall did a special experiment. This group believes in preserving the quality of fishing and strictly follows a catch-and-release approach to support their belief. A member of the group, Brian Farm, PhD Biology, took a scale sample from a 12 lb ouananiche which he then released unharmed.

Although reading dish scales is a very specialized skill, Brian later put that scale under a microscope (see photo) and attempted to identify the growth bands. The six lines “on top” are pretty clear but there are four additional lines below (indicated by a “?”) which may or may not indicate a growth year. Therefore, in Brian’s opinion, it’s likely this fish is at least 8 years old, and could be anywhere from 6 to 11 (if you count the outer edge – the current year’s growth, as an additional year). Again, someone with more experience aging salmonids from scales may provide a more accurate estimate but this information is still very interesting. At 8 years old, this would indicate a very good growth rate of about 1 Âœ pounds per year. The habitat and available food at Facolli Fall must be good for them! We see more and bigger salmon in the future 🙂